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Kokonut Pacific’s DME® Standard

The DME® Standard is a set of quality and ethical standards that the Direct Micro Expelling method of producing virgin coconut oil achieves and Kokonut Pacific adheres to. Our "best practice" process guarantees an exceptionally high quality of oil for the world market, sustainable production for the operators, and maintenance of renewable resources for the earth.

We claim that the DME® Standard fully justifies the naming of this coconut oil as "Extra Virgin" or DME-EVCO.

This is what you get with DME®

  • Cold-pressed virgin oil produced within one hour of opening a nut
  • Handmade and natural, raw and unrefined
  • Health giving — rich in medium chain triglycerides, especially lauric acid
  • No trans fatty acids and not hydrogenated
  • Free fatty acid (FFA) level less than 0.1% at production
  • Clear as pure water when settled
  • Natural mild coconut aroma and flavour
  • Production temperature not more than 35°C above melting point
  • Keeps at room temperature for at least two years
  • Produced by small village units with easy-to-use DME® hand-operated press
  • Produced where coconuts grow, empowering local families in their own business in remote areas
  • Reversing the trend of youth having to go to the cities to look for work
  • Gender-neutral, family ‘cottage industry’ processing - not factory conditions
  • A self-fuelling process that uses coconut oil, shell and husk as fuel
  • 100% renewable and sustainable energy source
  • Certified Organic by an internationally (IFOAM) accredited agency (NASAA)

Don’t confuse this with inferior products that

  • Use copra as the starting point of their production process
  • Produce a crude coconut oil that has much higher free fatty acid levels (3%+)
  • Produce oil that has to be refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD) to be edible
  • Make oil that is produced days or weeks after the opening of a nut
  • Have their value added in urban-based factories that don't empower rural operators
  • Are produced with high pressure, high temperature or chemical processes
  • Use non-renewable fuels in the production process

DME® is a four-fold “bottom line” production process

  • It cares for people
  • It looks after the planet
  • It is profitable
  • It seeks to be sensitive to culture and spirituality
The SAM Press. Part of the DME system.


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