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Small Business Opportunities

Do you live in an area that has lots of coconut trees, is away from main town areas and you would like to produce and market or become self-sufficient in some or all of the following:

  • DME® Virgin Coconut Oil, a high-quality oil that has a long shelf life and uses and more uses
    • Natural health food
    • Cooking oil
    • Raw and fresh bread spread
    • Stable carrier oil for other dietary supplements
    • Skin moisturiser
    • Massage Oil
    • Baby Oil
    • Hair Oil
    • Pet Health food
    • Base ingredient for organic cosmetics
    • Best oil for premium soap and shampoo — with natural glycerine — it even lathers in salt water.
    • Head lice and hair nit control
    • Bio fuel
    • Tooth Paste
  • Products made from the By product of the meal
    • Chicken Pellets
    • High protein low fat animal food
    • Fish Farming food
    • Biscuits and cakes for human consumption
    • Coconut Flour
  • Diesel Biofuel, Hurricane lamp biofuel, LED light battery charging
  • Soaps that lather in any hard mountain water and even salt water
  • Help Fair trade and employ people in remote areas break the chains of copra

If this kind of small business suits you then go through the following steps and find out more

  1. Read through our Frequently asked questions
  2. Consider the DME® Business model the DME® System
  3. Know for sure how the economics a DME® site at your location would work. You can calculate this before you outlay any money and see if it really would work for you and your location by using outSite Economics Calculator
  4. Find out what equipment you need to set up and what is supplied in the Kokonut Pacific kits
  5. Use the Capital Cost calculator to calculate capital cost in your own currency
  6. Read about other site considerations that you would need to think about
  7. Learn more about Biofuel here
  8. Look at further downstream products that you could market or become self-sufficient in
  9. Learn about the Health benefits of Coconut Oil
  10. Check up on some Fat facts and read some Frequently asked questions about coconut oil
  11. Understand the meaning of Organic Certification
  12. Read about how Kokonut Pacific started and meet the Kokonut Pacific team
  13. Read about the history of coconut Oil in the pacific and why other vegetable oils took the place of coconut oil
  14. If you still feel this is for you, the next step it to look at the Checklist for Small Business.


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